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Womens XGames Park Final about to start
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XGames Womens Park Final 2016
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In a nutshell here is most of the milestones I've achieved in the past year. Also I just re-watched the video from the day I turned pro, embarrassingly my shirt is inside out and I had no idea at the time... That video is in the article and I'm feeling like a nerd, a proud one.

Heading into X Games Minneapolis 2017, Women's Skateboard Park competitor Lizzie Armanto has the pro nod from Birdhouse, a recent cover from Thrasher Magazine and the momentum to take home a gold medal.
Lizzie Armanto com Gean Carlos Shuan Maguiña e Luis Fernando.
16 de junho

Heres the link to get one of the LIMITED EDITION holographic boards!…/birdhouse-lizzie-arm…

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May the fourth be with you!

Last year the Star Wars Show surprised by flying me out to tour Lucas Films and be a guest on their show! The show fills you in on current Star Wars events and news.

Pro skater Lizzie Armanto stops by to talk all things Star Wars, we reveal the first details on The Star Wars Show LIVE from Celebration Europe, announce the...

Check out the rough cut of my last part Fire 🔥👹

Thank yew Schmitty 🍕

If you haven't already, check out my interview 👹♥️

Lizzie holds nothing back in this in-depth interview and talks about the highs, lows and in-betweens of her journey to being a pro. Just ‘cause you’re...

Mark Mothersbaugh & the six my little pony butts.

The rest of the gallery is insane. Sounds machines were my favorite.

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Check out my first part on Thrasher Magazine. Im really proud of it and it might make your day.

Much thanks to Schmitty for making the Fire Edit♥️🔥🙏🏼…/lizzie-armanto-s-fire-pa…/

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Washington St Sal flip to tail from my interview in the May issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Getting the speed for this was a feat.

photo by Rhino & video by Schmitty

When your ice bath has nice scenery & you can lay in the sun after. Cropped rash from Target Style.

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Spent the past few days in the spring rains of NY. Anticipating the smell of salty air, warm sun on my skin and feeling real nice in my one piece from Target Style.

#TargetSwim #TargetStyle #Sponsored

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Check your local shop for the special edition holographic decks!

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Birdhouse Skateboards
30 de março

Did we mention that Lizzie turned PRO and got the cover of Thrasher all in the same day? Well that happened and we're hyped for her! Check the sneak peek of a limited run, second colorway (hitting shops soon)
Check the video:…/vide…/lizzie-is-pro-video/

Enter to win Pro-Tec Classic helmet;)
Winner is picked Friday, March 31st

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Lizzie Armanto com Gean Carlos Shuan Maguiña e Luis Fernando.

Honey green tea, sunshine, & my Target Style
pink/purple swimmers; I'm so ready for the beach.

#TargetSwim #TargetStyle #Sponsored

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Lizzie Armanto com Gean Carlos Shuan Maguiña e Luis Fernando.

Mills can take care of the whole team
Birdhouse Skateboards 💙

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